Amazing Sunrise

With the 2022 Hobart gone but not forgotten the fact that the JPK 11.80 “Sunrise” sailed over a third of the race with a broken Boom replaced by 2 Pipe cots and went on to win Division 3 IRC and ORCI is testimony to the potential of the JPK 11.80’s.

The determined English owner of the JPK 11.80 “Sunrise” Tom Kneen of the RORC invested in a comprehensive campaign to race in the 2022 Sydney/Hobart. His crew enthuastic from winning recent Fastnet and the controversial second in the “Middle Sea Race” showed their “never give up DIY ” attitude.

Speaking to Naval Architect and Fore Deck crewman George Kennedy on the Dock at the CYCA putting “Sunrise” together after its arrival from the UK it is easy to see that the crew is a tight unit evident in their sailing.

After what may have been race ending damage to gear on the second night into the race with the following breeze, a gybe took out the Boom and as Tom Kneen said “I thought that was race over, but the crew wouldn’t have it and I got their point when the Hacksaw was taken to a bunk ” The pipe cot was modified into a make-shift Boom with Mylar and tape after a 2 hour struggle in tough conditions sailing without a Main Sail.

Considering the shift in the breeze the following day “Sunrise” sailed to windward and the finish line comfortably and a Division 3 win not reaching its polar speed – expected with a “Pipe Cot Boom”.

Tom Keen is now considering his next attempt to lift the Hobart trophy as the ’22 race really gave him the feeling that a JPK 11.80 was a big chance to win Overall IRC.

Paul Glynn
Director – JPK Pacific

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