All about safety in August Cruising Helmsman

The lure of stranger tides may well be strong but the hint of danger is always just over the horizon. It pays to plan and prepare before heading out.

The August issue of Cruising Helmsman has a collection of useful articles on just how to do that. One article documents a recent case of a sailor contracting cellullitis; a little known, but easily contracted, infection that has dire consequences. We show you how to protect yourself from it and how to treat it if infected.

Providing useful information for trusted family and friends is also important before letting go of the lines. One family did not learn the full true story of a parent's death until years later. We show you how to prepare a kit to provide to those staying ashore as emergency contacts.

Cruising takes you to exotic faraway places that will capture your heart, but if your heart is weak those same places may not have the medical facilities you require. One man details his story.

As to those exotic locations this month we take you across the Atlantic, to the Solomon Islands and a revisit of the easy-to-get-to unexplored Gippsland Lakes.

We also test the Elan 394 as seen on the cover. Plus much more.


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