A Tricky Tango of Twelve at the Worlds

NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND (Sept. 28, 2023)

Twelve teams are in motion at the big dance in Newport, Rhode Island. Today was a tricky, shifty day at the M32 World Championship.

One team stands tallest. Jen Wilson’s consistent Convergence team is survival of the fittest. “We’ve only done five races; there are 14 more to go,” said Wilson. “Today was a very tricky day: Sometimes people say ‘Oh it’s a tactician’s day’ or ‘it’s a driver’s day.’ Well, today was a team day.”

Race One: Convergence made a strong statement with a dominant win. Larry Phillips and Midtown Racing’s early lead evaporated when Wilson caught a left flier, catapulting her from third to first. Shutting the door to all who’d look to challenge, Convergence extended their lead from 40 seconds to 60 and eventually to 90.

Race Two: Reigning world champion Don Wilson’s Convexity came swinging. They won wire-to-wire and never looked back. When asked on the docks, a race win was no big deal to these veterans: “Race two? I don’t even remember race two!” said Wilson with a smile. “We started ahead, stayed ahead, and sailed clean.”

Race Three: All signs pointed to a father-son battle between Bobby Julien’s Dingbat and Jake Julien’s Rated X. After a few lead changes between the Juliens, they both chose the right side on the final beat. Nailing the hot lefties again, Convergence got the last laugh. Wilson snatched the W from the Juliens and pulled into the overall Worlds lead.

Race Four: Bobby Julien’s Dingbat was quietly, consistently at the top all day. Race Four gave them their time in the sunshine. They reeled in then passed Convexity by executing smart tactical decisions. Dingbat finished the race with a healthy :30 lead. “I’m sure they’re both in shock,” said Julien about beating his sons’ teams today. “It’s nice to see the old man gets out on top on the first day. But they still have lots of time to get back to us.”

Race Five: Before Race Five, three teams were tied with ten points: Convexity, Convergence, and Dingbat. All are fierce competitors, but Convergence put 11 teams in their rearview mirror and earned their third race win.

Three days of racing remain. Anything can happen. “That’s the thing about sailing: Nothing stays status quo. Tomorrow the wind will be different and the current will be different,” said Wilson. “And we’ll probably have to wear rain coats.”

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