8 Metre World Championship

With two more valid races, the Swiss team of Yquem II solidifies their lead in the provisional rankings

With another day blessed by perfect weather conditions, the series of races in the 8 Metre World Championship continues with two more races today: a southerly wind between 10 and 13 knots, choppy sea and sunshine.

On the scoreboard, the Swiss yacht Yquem II skippered by Jean Fabre continues its pursuit, interpreting the racecourse effectively. Today, it secured second place in the first race and clinched victory in the second. Following closely is the other modern yacht, Conquistador, owned by Austrian Werner Deuring, who has been trading the top position in the rankings with Yquem II. In contrast to Yquem, Conquistador won the first race and secured second place in the last event today.

“We are very happy with the series of races we have had up until now,” commented Deuring upon arrival. “Champagne sailing in the Gulf of Genoa, which has gifted us magnificent weather. There are still two days left in the world championship, and we have a chance to catch up with our opponent who is undoubtedly performing excellently.”

While for the modern yachts, it’s a contest between Yquem II and Conquistador, among the classic boats, the rankings continue to bring satisfaction to Bona, the 1934 Baglietto, firmly maintaining the third position. This is partly due to near-perfect races (today they discarded a fourth-place finish in the last race as their worst result). Ahead of Bona is Vision (1930) skippered by Paolo Manzoni, with Tommaso Chieffi as tactician, defending their fourth position, closely trailed by Carron II, a Swiss yacht from 1935, helmed by Angelo Mazzarella, in fifth place.

While these magnificent yachts have transported the waters of Genoa back in time due to their beauty and their role as protagonists in these waters since the early 20th century, the commitment and determination of all the present sailors should be emphasized. They have given life to fiercely competitive races characterized by fair play and sportsmanship. Unfortunately, Serena Galvani’s Aria, the third Italian yacht in the competition, had to forfeit the second race today due a rudder issue.

Similar weather conditions to today are anticipated for tomorrow, with the race committee intending to initiate two more races, bringing the total number of races held to 8. The world championship will conclude on Saturday, with the last day at sea and the awards ceremony at the Yacht Club Italiano.

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