505 World Champs Ireland – Day 1

The first day of racing at the 505 World Championships continued the challenging conditions we saw at the Pre-Worlds.

Racing was postponed with sailors held ashore in anticipation of an afternoon seabreeze. Competitors launched around midday with the hope of two races with a 2pm start. There were early signs of good breeze on the sail out, but once competitors exited the harbour the wind faded away. Eventually a light seabreeze crept over the horizon and a two-lap course was set. Wind fluctuated between 4-6knots throughout the race but was reasonably steady in direction.

Soon after the gun, the pathfinder (lead boat who sails from a pin on port and all the other boats sail behind her in a gate start) started to lift. The phases looked long and slow, plus there was the potential of slightly more wind to the right so a lot of the fleet headed that way. Stuart McNay and Caleb Paine USA 9245 jumped from the gate early tacked onto port crossing the fleet and then brought the fleet pack from the right, at the top mark they lead and right behind them were Nathan Batchelor and Sam Pascoe GBR 9240. The top boats from the Pre-Worlds continuing their form in the light winds. Right there also was youngsters Morgan Pickney and Garrett Brown and European Champions Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane.

Position held on the run, but at the gate an incident saw Batchelor and Pascoe doing a turn. For the next work the top mark was moved and the course shortened to ensure a finish in the light breeze. So Batchelor and Pascoe dropped to fourth, Gilbert and McGrane climbed to second with Pickney and Brown finishing third.

From there, with no prospect of any more wind, the fleet were sent home. Racing resumes tomorrow. The wind again looks light, but with the expectation of some in the morning, the fleet will be on the water early.

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