2024 Fireball International Week / Australian Championships final day

Weather Conditions:

  • Day 3 mirrored the conditions of the previous two days, with a consistent southerly wind ranging between 12 to 15 knots.
  • The wind direction and strength posed similar challenges to sailors, maintaining the competitive atmosphere on the water.

Racing Highlights:

  • In Race 6, the fleet adopted a split strategy, with boats dispersing to both sides of the course. Tom Gillard and Andy Thompson (GBR) demonstrated astute tactical decision-making by capitalising on the right-hand side of the course. However, leading them to the right was Myles Gavin and Darren Spence (AUS) but a capsize during the tack to the mark pushed them back in the standings.
  • Despite challenges, Gillard and Thompson maintained their lead throughout the race, securing victory ahead of Heather Macfarlane and Chris Payne (AUS), followed by David Hall and Paul Constable (GBR).
  • Race 7 showcased the prowess of Tom Gillard and Andy Thompson once again, as they almost dominated from start to finish, displaying consistent performance the races they sailed.   However Peter Moor / Campbell Reid led around the first mark.  Peter hasn’t sailed a fireball for a while but won the 1966/67 Australian Championships and shows age is not a barrier. David Hall and Paul Constable emerged as strong contenders, closely trailing Gillard and Thompson throughout the race, especially on the final downwind leg.
  • DJ Edwards and Vyv Townend (GBR) showcased resilience, securing a close third position despite missing the first race due to gear failure, demonstrating their ability to adapt and perform under pressure.

Overall Results:

  • David Hall and Paul Constable (GBR) clinched a decisive victory in the regatta, showcasing exceptional skill and consistency throughout the championship.
  • Ben Schulz and Angus Higgins (AUS) emerged as the new Australian Champions, following a hard-fought battle, notably contending against Tom Gordon and Jack Fletcher.

Final Standings:

  • Detailed results for all races and overall standings can be viewed at link.

Now all eyes move onto next week when the 2024 Fireball Worlds start in earnest on Sunday the 11th February.

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