12 Metre World Championship: Choppy conditions prevent racing

Windy and choppy conditions kept the fleet at the 2021 Evli 12 Metre World Championship on the docks of Nyländska Jaktklubben on Wednesday and again today.

Earlier this morning, the NJK Race Committee considered a course in the lee of Isossari Island and team representatives were consulted to check the conditions of this more sheltered, yet smaller racing area. After deliberations, the International Jury asked for the opinion of the skippers whether to sail in the 20 knots of wind and 2.5 meter choppy waves.

The skippers in turn requested that Jury President Jan Stage make the call. Stage decided that races would not be held in this area for safety reasons owing to the required passage on the hazardous Northern side of the island close to the shoreline and rocks.

For more information, see: https://12mrworlds.com/

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