Trash Map: A way to clean our oceans together

Many cruising yachties have mentioned that they have cleaned a beach but they couldn’t take the debris with them and didn’t know who to contact.

Well now there is a way to handle this scenario and it’s quick and easy.  

Ocean Crusaders have been cleaning waterways across the eastern seaboard of Australia for the last five years and are dedicated to creating a safer and cleaner environment for our wildlife.  So recently we launched our new web app,, with the goal to encourage people to report debris fields and to connect the rubbish with people who can get rid of it.  

Home page of Trash Map. A map with different colour flags at different locations.
The Trash Map website. Pic – Ocean Crusaders

Based on a flag system, you can report a location you have cleaned so others know if it has been done already (Green Flag), report a location you have cleaned but the debris needs to be collected (Orange flag) or report a location in desperate need of cleaning (Red Flag). 

You are asked to take a photo of the debris for red and orange flags and put a location.  If you allow it, the app will take your current location to make it quick and easy. You can even do it when you get home if you prefer.  

The different flag categories and their descriptions.
Trash Map flag system. Pic – Ocean Crusaders

There is also a Blue Flag which represents upcoming community events in the area.  This allows community groups to advertise their events and for community members to find events to attend.  

Together we can create a cleaner world to go boating in and a safer world for our marine and bird life.  

Simply visit and sign up today.  

You can also report trash on land, it is not dedicated to the waterways.  

Note – when we obtain funding we will develop a mobile app to make it easier. 

By Ocean Crusaders

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