The ultimate antifoul test full report in November Cruising Helmsman

After eighteen months when Jonathan Neeves first systematically painted the hulls of his catamaran, the results are in.

All the major brands of antifoul paints available in Australia submitted to the test, The idea consisted of having its product painted in two different positions on the hulls of the cat and then left in Pittwater for over a year.

Read all about which paints did well, which did not and which surprised.

On the desstination side we are off to South America. Two articles take us to both sides of the continent. Both dismiss many held beliefs that the area is unsafe for cruisers. The cruising waters, however, are some of the best in the world.

We also have one writer's ten best destinations in the Mediterranean.

Other articles full of great ideas include 35 tips to help make your cruising experience better; a survey amongst cruisers as to what is the best anchor and of course our What's New segment with all the latest product and services especially chosen to suit cruising yachts.

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