Tasar Worlds set to make waves

There is less than a month to go before the 2024 World Championships kicks off at Sandringham Yacht Club on the waters of Port Phillip. So far 100 Tasars have entered with competitors coming from all over the world, a strong testament to the strength of the class here and overseas. It is still not too late to enter and join in the sailing bonanza with a few hundred of like minded souls. Full details and entries can be done through the website at https://2024.tasarworlds.com.

Recently the class changed the class rules to remove the minimum crew weight. The old rule often disadvantaged smaller crews and created extra administration when running a regatta. This has enabled a number of crews to enter feeling that they are now on a more level playing field with their larger competitors.

A unique element of sailing in Tasars is the ability to compete on a single race track with gold medalists, world champions, national champions and novices. All competitors will start on the same start line and see how they match against the very best in sailing. The entrants boast eleven people who have their name etched on the Tasar World Championship Trophy, many of them multiple times. Plus countless other sailors who have won World and National Championships in other classes.

The racing will be intense and exciting and Port Phillip is one of the best Off the Beach racing venues you can get in the world. Competitors and visitors will have an opportunity to interact with people from around the globe with similar passions for dinghy racing in a wonderful club environment. It is a community where respect for the sport and each other coexists, creating an atmosphere that transcends the regatta’s competitive nature. The sailors, whether seasoned champions or novices, share a common love for the sea and a passion for pushing the boundaries of their skills.

It is still not too late to enter this regatta and there is still a possibility to garner a charter boat if you are quick. For more information and to enter, please go to https://2024.tasarworlds.com.

The Tasar Class is very appreciative of the support provided by the Victorian Government, Bayside Council and Ronstan.

Article by Chris Payne

Photo by Russell Bates

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