‘Rent My Boat Berth’ offers a win for cruising sailors

Revolutionary new online berth system Rent My Boat Berth now stretches along the east coast of Australia, offering cruising sailors a safe and cost-effective overnight or long-stay mooring.

The system offers a 24-hour year-round service for cruising sailors to find a marina berth or mooring. There is no need to phone a marina manager or berth owner and hope they answer and can help. It is a simple search-and-click, day or night.

Sailors can log into the Rent My Boat Berth website select the berth they want and pay online by credit card. The amount is held until one week after the rental is satisfactorily completed when the fee is sent to the berth owner.

“This covers the boater who may find a berth is not what was advertised,” Rent My Boat’s Belinda Young said. “In that case, we are able to refund the full cost to the boater.”

A multitude of moorings and berths – overnight, weekly or monthly – are already listed from as little as $10 a night for short-term stay.

Rent My Boat Berth offers economy and convenience for cruising sailors and a new income stream for marine berth owners by bringing them together through a simple web-based booking system.

Rent My Boat Berth is an initiative of renowned marine industry identities Andy and Belinda Young, owners of Australia’s largest luxury boat shared ownership business Boating Syndication Australia.

“The owners of all those moorings and berths in all those bays can now unlock additional income,” said Belinda Young. “Boat owners can also have peace of mind knowing they have legally booked the berth or mooring and can’t be kicked off!

“There are thousands of properties along our harbours and waterways with empty pontoon berths or moorings,” Young said.

Belinda Young says Rent My Boat Berth offers a win-win for boaters and berth owners

“The owners may be away or may have bought the property with no intention of ever putting a boat on the pontoon. Now there is a chance to monetise that empty pontoon or mooring and offer a benefit to cruising boaters.”

She said the initiative fits perfectly in the 21st century shared economy, unlocking resources for the boating community.

Rent My Boat Berth is continuing to add berths and moorings to its system, providing additional options and convenient low-cost overnight or longer-term mooring.

Further information: http://www.rentmyboatberth.com

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