Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning plan review

The Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning plan has been in force since 2009 and is now due for a 10-year review. In preparing for this the Queensland Government is undertaking a technical exercise to remake the current zoning plan which expires on 1 September 2019, to ensure continuation of existing management arrangements. This remake will encompass only minor administrative amendments and a full review is expected to commence later in the year.

BIA Members in Queensland may be aware of publicity suggesting the zoning plan aims to prohibit individual boats entering the marine park on more than 120 days per year. This requirement has been in the plan since 2009 but would appear to have been unenforced or certainly not properly communicated to the boating community. BIA will be making a submission with a request to revoke this draconian regulation when the full review consultation commences.

BIA members support for this submission will be canvassed in due course.

– BIA Industry News

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