Marine recruitment agency bands with BIA

Marine Queensland and the the Boating Industry Association's of NSW, VIC, SA and WA have formalised a strategic partnership with Watercrew, a marine industry recruitment specialist.

The official partnership has been established to maximise the effectiveness of Australia's marine businesses and ensure marine industry employers have access to the best human resources services the industry has to offer.

“Marine businesses are frustrated with the expense and time wasted finding suitable employees and constantly training new staff. There are also so many people out there who would love to get into the industry but simply don't know how. Watercrew has been developed to address these issues and simplify the arduous task of staff recruitment,” said Josh Harrington, Managing Director of Watercrew.

Despite the overwhelming number of resources available with respects career information and job search, no-one to date has focussed purely on the marine industry. Currently there is a shortage of easily accessible information for potential marine industry employees to find out what types of jobs are available in the industry and exactly what qualifications are required to attain these jobs. There is also an obvious missing link in providing a service to help people find employment in the industry once qualified.

Using Marine Queensland's industry knowledge and Watercrew's expertise in the areas of recruitment and training it is now possible to provide a solution to these missing links and assist new entrants move easily into the industry and work towards attaining their desired job.

Another key focus area will be on promoting the marine industry as a career option of choice.

“We need to be promoting the Marine Industry as a long term career choice rather than a short lived holiday style job,” said Don Jones, Marine Queensland General Manager.

Current economic conditions and constant reports of a reducing industry workforce are key issues that need to be addressed when recruiting the next generation of marine industry employees.

“Now is the time to be making sure that key knowledge, skills and abilities are being transferred to secure the future of the industry,” said Jones. “Focus needs to be directed at promoting the opportunities within the industry to school leavers in particular.”

Marine businesses are encouraged to talk to Watercrew for all their recruitment needs. Watercrew has developed a marine specific online skills matching system which gives employers the confidence that they are advertising their positions vacant direct to a data base of marine interested and qualified candidates.

When a job advert is placed, “new job alert” emails are sent to those candidates who match with the qualifications, skills and experience outlined by the employer. This results in the employers receiving applications from suitably qualified candidates meaning they can spend less time sorting through job applicants and more time on their business.

Unlike traditional industry crew agencies, Watercrew focuses on all types of marine and water based business, not just boating. Marine and water-based employers can advertise all types of job vacancies from office administration through to engineering, surveying and water-based crewing.

“Our research showed an overwhelming demand for an affordable service that helped job seekers find their dream job and employers locate the best staff available across the entire gamut of the marine industry. Watercrew is not a commission based recruitment company. Job advertising fees are just $180 per job advert per month making the service extremely affordable to employers of all sizes.”  Harrington said.

“Marine companies want to get on with operating safe, compliant and profitable business, and finding the right personnel is paramount,” he said.

Watercrew has been designed purely to address these issues. It aims to introduce more qualified and skilled people into the marine industry to help develop a safer, more compliant, sustainable and profitable industry.

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