JPK Yachts now proudly “made in Australia”

JPK Pacific has established an agreement with the experienced yacht-building specialist Innovation Composites of Nowra, NSW, to have JPK Yachts made in Australia.

In a boost to Australia’s boat building sector, Europe’s most successful IRC racers, the JPK brand, now have that extra appeal of being “made in Australia”.

JPK Pacific’s decision to re- locate to Australia delivers a range of benefits to its customers as well as the economy of the Shoalhaven, NSW.

After an exhaustive selection process across the boat building sector in Australia, Innovation Composites of Nowra demonstrated the expertise, experience, infrastructure and capability required to produce the super successful JPK range of IRC racers.

Paul Glynn and Mattijs Willenborg of JPK Pacific have the exclusive license for the Asia / Pacific region with their dream of establishing production in Australia now a reality.

Innovation Composites have produced over 100 race yachts that included the legendary Sydney range of 38’s, 40’s and 47’s. Mark Rowed said “We are really excited to be selected to build these proven race winners and believe that the JPKs will feature in fleets throughout the Asia / Pacific region”

JPK Pacific will be introducing the JPK 1080 and JPK 1180 to the market with the first JPK 10.80 to be in the water the first quarter of 2021. Both models are outstanding IRC racers, having won Europe’s major regattas.

The JPK 10.80 “Courier Leon” showed its capability to place second overall on IRC and win Division 4 in the 2015 Sydney Hobart after winning the grueling Fastnet of that year and arriving only a week before the Hobart start.

Paul Glynn said, “The JPK 10.80 is the most versatile yacht on the market, offering owners a podium opportunity after having proved its capability in winning major short-handed and crewed regattas in the UK and Europe. You name it and the JPK 10.80 has won it. Not only a winning record, but in looking at regatta results the JPKs are the dominant brand through the fleet.”

Adding to their outstanding IRC results and now “made in Australia”, the JPKs are the best value for money on the market, said Paul Glynn, adding, “Savings on shipping and associated charges represent an additional customer benefit.”

Mattijs Willenborg commented “Added to the performance capability and now the cost savings we are able to offer buyers the opportunity to inspect the production of their yacht on a progressive basis.”

Being affordable and versatile, the JPKs are described as “a dynamic yachting experience”, sailing to their rating on and off the wind, in light or heavy conditions.

Paul Glynn says the functional layout makes the JPKs easy and fun to sail and “when fun turns to winning there are lots of happy owners”.

The first JPK 10.80 in Australia, “Atomic Blonde” has just proved that by winning the four-race Winter Series sailed off Fremantle. Owner Dr Simon Torvaldsen said, “The JPKs are a great yacht to sail and perform well to their rating.”

Supporting the Australian boat building sector is a proud achievement for the JPK Pacific team, making the brand easily available to Australian yachting enthusiasts looking for an affordable and competitive option.

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