French Off Shore Grand Prix – Clean Sweep for JPK

The French Grand Prix of Off Shore racing – The Drheam Cup – recently completed was a tribute to the JPK brand with first, second and third places on the Podium.

JPK established some 20 years ago in Larmor Plage, Brittany has proved the strength of its brand with a representation of its models successful in the Overall IRC 2H in this major French Off Shore event.

First; 2H Solenn Pure Ocean – JPK 10.80

Second; 2H Raging Bee – JPK 10.80

Third; 2H Delnic – JPK 10.10

Fourth; 2H Groupe Sarl – JPK 9.60

The experienced crews of the JPK 10.80’s Solenn Pure Ocean and Raging Bee were in a match race right to the finish line demonstrating the dominance of the 10.80’s in 2H racing.

Proving just how competitive the JPK brand is the earlier models the 10.10 and 9.60 featured at the top of overall results.


JPK are now Made in Australia available through JPK Pacific with production by the experienced Innovation Composites.

The Off- Shore Champion Atomic Blonde the JPK 10.80 is now on the market and offers Podium opportunities for owners wanting to race competitively with a Podium possibility in this years Sydney / Hobart.

Details are available on the JPK Pacific site with this the only JPK 10.80 available in the Asia / Pacific region for the next 2 years.
Paul Glynn

Cyclops Marine
Selden Asymetric Rib Technology
West Systems