America's Cup

INEOS Team UK’s original boat Britannia drew criticism over its design, and they even resorted to modifying the hull with a stick-on bustle to bring it in line with the designs of Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa.

Despite the event being an official part of the America’s Cup and being fully funded, as well as creating dozens of jobs for New Zealanders, it will not be given the same exemption status that other America’s Cup teams have been granted.

The substitution of a single character in an email address ended up with Team New Zealand’s event arm losing $2.8 million after paying it to a scammer’s Hungarian bank account.

“While it’s excellent to confirm that there has been no financial impropriety and the escalation process has concluded, the Beattie Varley report had raised some concerns around record keeping relating to several historical matters.”

A radical change is expected when Sir Ben Ainslie’s second boat is finally revealed.

ETNZ and American Magic have both been allowed to train on the harbour, despite COVID-19 cases reaching double figures and Auckland being put into Stage 3 restrictions.

The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda is set to launch an Italian challenge for the Youth America's Cup, participating in the event scheduled for 2021 in Auckland with an Italian team named Young Azzurra.

From Newport in 1980 onwards, Peter "PJ" Montgomery covered twelve America's Cup series through a period of profound change as a broadcaster and as the "Voice of the America's Cup".

There were suggestions American Magic had also survived an anxious moment in their full-size AC75 Defiant as the easterly winds increased.

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron initially received 88 applications for the team, which was reduced to 17 and then 12.

Dean Barker, the Kiwi helmsman for the New York Yacht Club’s syndicate confirmed they have their Auckland base functional and with enough sailing and shore crew to get their AC75 Defiant operational again.

The Defender series will consist of four round robins of three races each, a seven-race semi-final and a 13-race final between the two leading teams.

The investigations into financial management of the 2021 America’s Cup have taken another twist, with the principals of a high-profile sport-events business claiming they are “whistleblowers” with concerns about matters in the Cup organisation.

Following a week of high drama for America's Cup defender, Team New Zealand, which included accusations of government money being lost in an internet scam, CEO Grant Dalton fires back.

Team New Zealand and America's Cup organisers are at the centre of an inquiry commissioned by the Crown over the spending of public money, including allegations of a "reclassified" $3 million loan and claims of fraud involving a Hungarian bank account.

The AC75 was shipped through the Gulf of Mexico, transited the Panama Canal and then crossed the Pacific after departing from the team’s winter base in Pensacola, Florida on May 28.