America's Cup

INEOS TEAM UK has brought a lot of new parts online, including a new rudder, new rudder elevator, new mast, new mainsail, and new headsails.

INEOS Team UK faces American Magic in the first race on January 15, then sails against Luna Rossa later in the day.

Frenchman Bruno Trouble, who has been around the Cup scene for 43 years as a sailor and administrator, has been captivated by the current 75-foot monohulls. He says sport’s oldest contest must evolve with the times.

Viewers will gain an understanding of the weather dynamics in the confines of Auckland's outer harbour and get some tips on how to get good weather information on race day.

Riccardo Bonadeo: “There must be technological evolution, but on boats that sail. I share the New York Yacht Club's idea of ​​new 80-100 displacement hulls for the next edition.”

“We are going to put the boat back into the water,” New York Yacht Club commodore Chris Culver told Sailing World.

A motivated Luna Rossa was the first challenger out of the shed after Christmas, looking to utilise the strong south-westerlies that buffeted Auckland earlier this week.

The theory is that the problem in light wind, where Britannia requires considerably more speed before they can start to foil, is down to an incorrect angle of attack of the foil arm, requiring the application of excessive flap angle.

The Queenstown-Lakes District Council is trying to sell ex-America’s Cup yacht NZL-14, which is moored in Queenstown Bay in Lake Wakatipu.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has accepted that allegations of financial impropriety and misappropriation of funds were wrong and that government funds have not been improperly used.

Time ran out in the first race when ETNZ was 100m from the finish. With the breeze dropping, no further races were possible.

The final race was superb as the Americans and Kiwis both fell off their foils in light airs, allowing for lead changes and suspense right up to the finish.

The new ranking list sees New York Yacht Club American Magic and Emirates Team New Zealand on a tie with three wins each.

The Defender says that if the supplied equipment was installed and maintained according to the manual, it operates as designed.

The British had a miserable day, punctuated by gear failure, while the Kiwis completely outclassed Luna Rossa.

“Clearly we have been struggling in the light airs at the moment … taking off and some of the manoeuvres, so that’s our focus.”