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- Roger McMillan, Editor

Here's an early opinion:

The last Americas Cup was not a sailing match race. They were flying, not sailing. Sad. Please return to true sail racing!
USCG Captain Bonny Todd

and more...

My biggest peeves with local yacht clubs, MYAs and YA are:

  1. The incessant and disproportionate focus on youth and elite level sailors and sailing. Many crew come to sailing after their kids have moved out of home, and when they (the new sailor) is too old for physical sports such as cricket, rugby, soccer, Australian Rules, etc. However, there is very little provided for these mature-age sailors by the three aforementioned sailing organisations – whether that be on on-water coaching, classroom sessions, or rules training (in my view every club should conduct at least one rules course every year, with funding from YA, MYA and its own resources).
  2. The lack of marketing to the abovementioned group, and the wider public, that debunks the myth that you must be rich to participate (as crew) in sailing.


Col Delane

Leeming, WA

Sailboats - wind-powered machines for old farts!


I like the idea of venting my spleen, though this is more of a whinge than a spleenectomy.
Sailing is a wonderful pursuit, mostly a leisure pursuit.  So it happens for sailors mostly at weekends and on holidays.
The whinge is that all the supporting businesses have to work at weekends. I have no solution.
Loved the Leunig quote, I have always thought I could make a million in a matter of weeks by selling limpet mines for jet skis.
Go well
Steb Fisher


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