Typically, a yacht cockpit is not the roomiest place on the boat and any fittings need to be carefully considered before bolting on. Sheets do get caught on protrusions.

With the simple V-Lock base, gear can be stored until it is required for use and attached/detatched in seconds. A drink holder,esky,rod holder, or table can be popped into place only when being utilised, with minimal sealed holes drilled in the boat. Strong enough to store a tender's outboard/trolling motor or mount solar panels.

There are two components to the V-Lock system; the base and the insert. The V-Lock base is attached at a logical, convenient location around the boat and accessories are mounted on a V-Lock insert. Accessories can be used anywhere there is a V-Lock base.

The V-Lock system can accommodate just about any marine accessory imaginable. Made of marine grade aluminum and anodized for clean satin finish and corrosion resistance.

With the V-Lock system, boating gear is only exposed to the elements when being used. When not being used it can all be locked safely away from people and the weather.

The V-Lock system is not limited to accessories designed specifically for the V-Lock. Existing gear can be adapted to the V-Lock system. Plates are made of 6.25mm (1/4 inch) 5083 aluminium to allow bending without fracture giving a 100mm x 100mm (flat plate)square plate area to bolt onto, weld or cut to shape . Alloy parts are all clear anodised and locking pin is stainless, removable and replaceable .

With the V-Lock system any electronic device can be taken off the base and stowed safely away in the boat, car or garage, reducing the chance of theft.

When the grill is being used and the wind changes, the grill can be transfered to the other side of the boat in seconds using another V-Lock on that side of the boat.

The V-Lock was originally designed and created to provide flexibility and utility to boat owners. Since then, many users have suggested other industries and applications where it might be useful. For example in the workshop or on the bumper of a 4x4 vehicle.

A very popular idea is to put a V-Lock base on a workbench and mount a vise, bench grinder or other tools to V-Lock inserts so that alternate tools can be removed when not being used.

Launched by the designer in America in 2009, Cool Mobility is now the Australian, New Zealand & S E Asia Agent for V-Lock products.

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