“How would you like to borrow a boat anywhere in the world, whatever you need it for?” This is the question Rowan Alexander, CEO and co-founder of is asking the boating community, and they’ve all been saying yes.

Scheduled to launch on 1st July 2014, allows its users to search for a boat in a location of their choosing, and choose activities ranging from sailing and kayaking to fishing.  They are then linked up with like-minded boaties who are willing to take them out.

“The problem boat owner’s face is that they have a boat, but often they can’t find crew to go with. And people without boats want to get out on the water, but they don’t know anyone to go with.” Rowan says. “ was developed to enable these people to meet, and arrange a trip on their own terms, without commercial charter fees, relying instead on a gentleman’s agreement.”

Launching (no pun intended) out of the small coastal town of Devonport, Tasmania, the idea has already generated significant interest from the local boating community. 

Dealer Principal at Deegan Marine Hadley Deegan endorses the idea. “It’s great that there will be a service to get more people out on the water more often, especially for people without boats… It’s a great way for people who are unfamiliar with boats to get into the boating community, and a great way for the boating community to grow.”

The three founders, which also include Craig Badcock and Ryan Davey, have spent a year developing the website to make it easy, fun and safe for their members,

“It’s a simply concept really, but the background systems to make it happen required significant investment and engineering to complete,” said Alexander. “It’s great that it is ready to go now, and if people want more information about how it works we have a great video up on the website (”

Currently is preparing to launch, and is accepting founding members through crowd funding site

By becoming a founding member, those who sign up have the choice of bonuses ranging from limited edition t-shirts, to lifetime memberships, to a three-day, expenses-paid trip which includes sailing, fishing and skiing and becoming a star of their up and coming advertising campaign.

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