Glowfast Marine is joining forces with Lidgard Sails to ensure every day, and night, is great for sailing.

Lidgard Sails Lofts are now stocking and installing Glowfast Luminous Draft Stripes, Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker V's and Glowfast Luminous Tell Tale Patches.

Glowfast Luminous Product available though Lidgard Sails include:

Glowfast Luminous Draft Stripes automatically illuminate (for 20+ hours) when it gets dark allowing you to see your entire sail shape simultaneously. This improved sail trim and boat handling has been proven to increase performance by as much as 20% at night.

Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker V's are vital addition to every spinnaker used at night. Using Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker V's make it easy to see the luff of your spinnaker at night without the need for a torch. With as little as 10 minutes exposure to light Glowfast Luminous Spinnaker V's will glow for 20+ hours.

Glowfast Luminous Tell Tale Patches provide maximum contrast behind traditional tell tales, allowing you to steer and trim your boat to its potential all day and all night. Glowfast self adhesive Luminous Tell Tale Patches come in 2 packs (1 for each side of the sail).

For more information on Glowfast luminous products go to, email or call+61 3 9018 6581.

For more information on Lidgard Sails go to, email or call +64 9 489 1111


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