Tomasz Cichoki, the 56yo Polish sailor on a solo circumnavigation of the world in a Delphia 40-3, “Polish Copper”  has, just, sailed past the notorious Cape Horn, a great milestone in his voyage, and decidedly a good day to break out the champagne. 

Tom has now travelled 22,060 nautical miles (approximately 40,800klm) and it is now 223 days since his departure. Yesterday he had 25 to 45 knot winds and freezing rain, but occasionally got a glimpse of the snow capped peaks of the Andes during brief breaks in the weather. Today he has had 35knot winds, 5m seas, but the rain had cleared and he was able to see Cape Horn as he sailed past. At the time of this report, he was at 56.11S, and 67.11W. Past the 67th meridian, the designated end of the Pacific Ocean and at the beginning of the Atlantic, the beginning of the homeward leg, finishing at Brest, in France. 

Tom, an adventurous soul, knows the Northern Atlantic well. In 2007, he did a solo transatlantic crossing in a 6.8m yacht with no engine, and his only communications was a vhf transmitter. Unfortunately,  about 1000nm east of south Africa,  he struck a suspected semi submerged container. He damaged the rudder and the impact threw him across the cockpit and knocked him out, cracking a rib, and giving him a very stiff and sore shoulder. The organisers deemed it prudent that Tom turn back to Port Elizabeth where he could obtain medical treatment and the rudder could be repaired. This incedent cost him almost a month travelling time, with two weeks at Port Elizabeth. However he has been making good time across the Indian, Southern and Pacific Oceans, and the boat has been behaving impeccably and trouble free.

 Delphia Yachts are manufactured in Poland to very high standards, and all size hulls from the 33 up are “A” class rated, for offshore or bluewater sailing, and this boat is certainly proving its quality of construction and fittings with this epic voyage, though several Australian owners have already elected to take delivery of their yachts ex factory and have successfully sailed them home to Australia.

For more information contact Geoff Pearson,  Sydney Yachting Centre, The Spit,  02 9969 2144 or Allan McDermott in North Queensland, ,
07 47214472 and

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