Mysailing is Australia’s biggest sailing website, with up to 50,000 unique views per month and record-breaking newsletter statistics. Open rates for the newsletters average around 40% (three times the industry average) and click rates range between 50 and 60%, which is four times the industry average.

The website has enjoyed strong advertising support since it began in 2008, making it a profitable venture.

However, following the closure of Cruising Helmsman magazine in December, Mysailing’s owner, Yaffa Media, has put the website up for sale. The company has been moving into event management in recent years and has closed many of its lifestyle magazines and websites, in keeping with the new focus.

The Mysailing website would be a good purchase for a company that markets to the marine industry, as its long history and wide range of topics covered have built a loyal following among devoted cruising and racing sailors alike. Alternatively, someone who wants to combine their passion for sailing with a business that can be run from home could see it as a worthwhile investment.

Roger McMillan has been editor of the website and newsletter since June 2009 and has flagged his intention to retire at the end of January 2021. However, he said he is available to stay on “for a suitable remuneration package and following at least two or three weeks holiday” or alternatively will act as mentor to the new owner, showing him or her the tricks of the trade and the sources of his wide-ranging articles.

Interested parties should contact to obtain more details about the proposed sale.

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