North's NPC Coastal sails deliver performance, durability and easy handling

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North's NPC Coastal

There are two key elements to an all-purpose sail. The sailcloth needs to be of the highest quality and the sail needs to be designed well, to utilise strength in key areas.

North's NPC Coastal range uses NorDac Fill sailcloth which features high-tenacity Polyester yarn woven in proprietary combinations. The weave pattern allows less resin to be used and Melamine is impregnated into the cloth to protect the surface.

Used and improved by North for over 50 years, NorDac Fill styles have the densest possible fibre content and the tightest weave, which delivers excellent shape-holding (for on-going high performance) and excellent resistance to flogging, chafe and UV damage.

When coastal cruising or twilight sailing, you have little control over the wind range you will find yourself sailing in. The NPC Coastal sails are designed for a wide wind range and they are also “soft hand” which makes for easy handling.

North offer the sails in two distinct styles. Because loads are different between high-aspect (tall and narrow) and low aspect (height/width ratios less than 2.5/1) rigs, the sails will be made to suit your particular circumstances.

The NPC Coastal range can be used for standard and full batten mainsails, including mast or boom furling systems, and furling or non-furling headsails.

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