North's 3Di Race offers club racers top-end sailcloth at an affordable price

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North's 3Di Race

North Sails 3Di Race is created using a unique 3Di tape layout which is engineered as an everyday race solution for club racers.

The new layout employs a lower percentage of structural fibre in the load path direction and more in the off-axis orientations. The result is a more balanced membrane that is less stiff and is suitable for a wider wind range. The end result – you will sail faster in a variety of conditions.

3Di delivers higher durability because of the multiaxial orientation of the tapes and elimination of the Mylar layer which caused shrinkage and delamination in previous generation composite sails. So you enjoy higher performance with long sail life.

If you're ready to step up your performance in club races, visit for more information and the contact details of your local loft.

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