Non-laminated NPC Radian sails from North for performance cruising, one-design and club racing

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North's NPC Radian

North's patented NPC Radian warp-oriented sailcloth is the first non-laminated woven polyester cloth that is suitable for radial panel construction. This means North can deliver a low-stretch, higher-performance sail without films and glues.

NPC Radian sails are aimed at cruisers who want superior performance (or who occasionally race) but is also an excellent, long-lasting cloth for one-design and club racers.

Woven Dacron has long been a favourite among yacht owners because of its proven durability. Now that there is a Dacron cloth suitable for radial panel construction, it can also deliver superior performance as well as high resistance to flex, chafe and UV damage.

If it's time to upgrade your sails, go to and ask for an obligation-free quote.


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