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    Sailmon MAX

Thanks to the recently integrated non-GPS mode, the Sailmon MAX can now be used in any sailing class.

By turning on the new functionality on the compact and portable wireless smart device, heading, heel, pitch and timer remain active. The non-use of the GPS can be traced in the log files. 

Sailmon CEO Kim Coster is pleased with the improvement: ”MAX enables you to continuously get the best out of yourself or your team during training sessions, but more importantly races. This latest non GPS mode feature, gives every sailor, in any sailing class, the opportunity to win competitions."

Sixth software update

The new functionality has been introduced in the sixth software update since the launch of the sailing device (V1.2.2) last May. With this update, the Dutch company is keeping its promise to continue to improve the MAX.

”We always listen to the wishes and desires of our customers. The non GPS mode was a much sought-after feature. We will also be keeping our ears and eyes open for the foreseeable future and provide the MAX with free over-the-air updates. Make sure to keep an eye on MAX, because it keeps on getting better and better,” Kim Coster said.

Sailmon claims that MAX has been on the rise in the sailing community since its launch in May 2020. "More and more sailors are getting acquainted with the innovative training and racing tool. MAX features a built-in, fast GPS and advanced 9-axis compass which generates accurate sailing data such as heading, speed, wind, and course over ground. In addition, MAX contains a ping function, countdown timer, distance, and time to start line. Moreover, by connecting the MAX with the Bluetooth, solar-powered pocket-sized wind sensor, instant and accurate apparent and true wind readings are integrated."

Next to the technological and practical solution, MAX is claimed to be the first sailing instrument with an accompanying app. The results are visualized in the app on a clear timeline and map. The Sailmon app can be used to provide insight into, save or review data from training sessions or competitions. Anyone who wants to take it one step further can get an even more detailed analytic and video debriefs using Sailnjord. 

Ronstan is the Australian distributor for MAX. For more information go to www.ronstan.com.

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