JACARANDA -- 39' Allied Sloop -- 5'10" draft

November, 1994

Subject/Area: Fiji

Dear SSCA:

It has been almost two years since Dianne and I have written a note to you folks. We have enjoyed Fiji so much that we kept saying just one more week before heading south to New Zealand. We know from our trip down to NZ last year that every day south means more clothes, shoes, socks and cold. I guess our thin blood is a contributing factor in that "just one more week of warm weather" mentality. The hurricane season is upon us and with much reluctance we will be heading south in a few days. After coming through the Queen's Birthday Storm unscathed (winds in excess of 60 knots), we are hoping for a slightly easier trip down to NZ than our trip up to Tonga.

Just a few items of interest that we would like to share. The New Zealand Met service has the best weather book of the South Pacific that we have seen. It is a 94-page, 8+" x 11" spiralbound book which includes the following:

ò Weatherfax maps and how to read them.

ò Weather in the South Pacific.

ò Basic weather forecasting using a barometer.

ò How to turn isobars into wind. The Met service scale.

ò Tropical cyclones.

ò Where to get weather forecasts.

ò Drawing your own weather maps on laminated back page.

This book is written for the New Zealand yachtsman and applies not only to New Zealand, but is equally useful to most of the South Pacific. The cost of this publication (June, 1994) is NZ$25 (about US$15). It is very easy to understand and can be immediately put to good use. Anyone planning a trip to the South Pacific should contemplate having a copy on board. For more information on cost and shipping contact New Zealand Met. Service, Northern Forecast Manager, PO Box 68-429, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand, Attn Bob McDavitt; Phone 64-9-377-4831.

While in Lautoka, we needed the services of a machine shop and found a great one owned and operated by an English speaking, Chinese man named Albert Ho (Albho Engineering, 49 Ravouvou Street, Lautoka, Fiji; Phone 63476). The work that he did for us was of excellent quality, reasonably priced, and not once did we have to bring the item back for modification, meaning it was perfect the first time! You can easily walk to his shop from the anchorage.

Together he did about six projects for us in stainless and we are very pleased.

We also are enclosing a copy of over 50, uncharted reefs in the Tonga and Eastern Fiji areas. These were supplied by trading ship skippers, airline pilots, yachties and local knowledge. We cannot verify the accuracy of these co-ordinates, but felt that folks transiting the Tonga and Fiji area might want to be aware of the reported sightings. These were collected and put together in Tonga by Mike on KADUNA. Our passage chart of Tonga-Fiji area looked vastly different after plotting all the uncharted reefs.

Our plan is New Zealand for the hurricane season then back to Fiji for six months. We are planning on spending the next hurricane season up near the equator either in the Phoenix Group or Kiribati. Greetings to all our friends.



1. 18o23S 176o33 W

2. 18o44S 175o22 W

3. 18o45 S 175o22.24 W

4. 18o48 S 175o14 W 3 nm diameter.

5. 19o02 S 174o41 W Volcano South Hope Reef.

6. 19o10 S 175o07 W

7. 19o24 S 176o30 W

8. 19o27 S 176o33 W 4 nm diameter.

9. 19o27 S 176o35 W

10. 19o28 S 179o48 W Ono'Ilau 1.4 nm WNW of charted position

11. 19o30 S 179o36 W Vuata Vatoa Shoal 1.3 nm NW of charted


12. 19o31 S 177o24 W

13. 19o31 S 179o36 W

14 19o32 S 177o35 W 2 fathoms over.

15. 19o41 S 176o36 W

16. 19o52 S 176o37 W

17. 19o52 S 176o39 W

18. 19o54 S 176o32 W

19. 19o56 S 177o12 W

20. 19o56 S 177o35 W

21. 20o12 S 177o12 W

22. 20o15 S 177o13 W Discolored water 1958.

23. 20o16 S 176o00 W 3 nm diameter.

24. 20o17 S 177o32 W

25. 20o17 S 178o37 W

26. 20o20 S 176o00 W 3 nm diameter.

27. 20o20 S 177o15 W Shows 8.9 nm from N-S and 3.4 nm E-W

This information was supplied to DANCING WAVE, ex-naval vessel in Vava'u, Tonga in 1991.


28. 13o24 S 166o12 W

29. 18o11 S 178o34 W Sea-mount position doubtful.

30. 18o44 S 176o35

31. 19o01 S 174o47 W

32. 19o13 S 175o19 W

33. 19o25 S 179o35 W

34. 19o29 S 177o26 W

35. 19o40 S 176o00 W

36. 19o49 S 176o32 W

37. 19o51 S 176o31 W

38. 19o55 S 176o31 W

39. 19o59.90S 167o44.55 W Wreck.

40. 20o14 S 177o13 W

41. 20o18 S 177o12 W

42. 20o19 S 178o44 W

43. 20o21 S 177o33 W

44. 32o19.45S 179o00.55 W Yacht hit in 1993.

45. 19o45 S 178o13 W Wreck.

46. 18o43 S 176o30 W

47. 18o47 S 175o17 W

48. 19o03.04S 169o55.29 W

49. 19o15 S 175o19 W

50. 19o27 S 176o30 W

51. 19o34 S 179o38 W

52. 19o43 S 176o33 W

53. 19o50 S 176o32 W

54. 19o54 S 176o32 W

55. 19o56 S 177o36 W

56. 20o03 S 177o37 W

57. 20o15 S 177o12 W

58. 20o19 S 177o35 W

59. 20o20 S 176o00 W

60. 22o20 S 176o00 W

Submitted to SSCA October 9, 1994 by JACARANDA.

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