Don't tie yourself in knots on a tangle-free day.

First episode of an epic journey across the top of the globe.

How much history does a set of ruins hold?

We look at the 10 most amazing locations available on our planet, and tell you about all the incredible sights you will see there.

Departing on his adventure on 23rd July 2017, Bill’s attempt at completing his west-about journey non-stop onboard his Northshore 38 “L’Eau Commotion” was unfortunately unaccomplished due to vessel damage.

The inexperienced sailor had bought the boat in Scotland and was trying to sail it home when the rigging failed.

Documenting his interaction with all forms of wildlife is one of Seahag's greatest joys.

Many countries are not set-up to refuel yachts, meaning you need a system that makes it easy to transfer and clean fuel into your tanks.

An opportunity to learn from one of the best and take your marine artistry to a higher level.

A remarkable voyage will end on Friday at Townsville.

Everything you need to know about the Automatic Identification System.

Like something out of a Mr Bean episode, it is good to be able to look back at it and laugh now.

Guides who shot a polar bear have been denounced as murderers. But what does that make the tourists who are ruining its fragile habitat?

What makes one yacht tick all the boxes for one person?