Winners are grinners with free dinners.

Amongst the worst disasters to strike a yacht, but sometimes the crew can end up worse off than the yacht.

Murke's quick thinking saw him transform his jeans into a life-saving buoyancy aide; using a technique employed by Navy Seals.

The final leg from Greenland to Norway passes through amazing fjords leaving Cathy Hawkins in a spiritual place.

To be held over the Mediterranean summer, the rally takes in some unforgettable destinations, including Arki, with its population of 40 people - and 200 goats!

A search had been underway after another man on the 10m yacht had contacted Maritime New Zealand to ask for help.

The recent report in the fatal accident involving Imedi during the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac highlighted a number of things all keelboat sailors should be aware of.

Two yachties and their cat ‘Soy Boy’ were rescued on Fraser Island early Monday morning.

Rosemary Jilderts gives a tongue in cheek look at an important situation.

The decision was made and now the trip is under way, was the leap of faith worth the wait?

Brett Bolton says state governments have dropped the ball in maintaining safe passage and supporting infrastructure in the regional minor ports.

Scouring beaches for interesting things is a common pasttime for cruisers. But Mike King describes what exactly you are finding.

Unknown by many yet close to our shores, the Andamans are opening up, writes Dot King, thanks to a new yacht rally.

Mariners are advised that a hydrographic survey of the Mooloolah River and its coastal bar on Wednesday 12 February 2019, shows a shoal patch extending from the end of the eastern breakwater in a westerly direction.

Hobart's world famous festival closes for 2019. Check out the gallery.