Whilst the number of boats in the ARC+ St. Vincent fleet is the smallest of the three routes, the types of boats and experiences of crews are just as diverse, representing 12 different nationalities and sailors from all walks of life.

"Yesterday just before sunset I happened to go on deck to re-trim the boat when I noticed a sail off my stern quarter..."

Did Ian Tait take on more than he could, rejuvenating a classic Tasmanian yacht?

The 11m Tafadzwa was anchored too close to rocks and got stuck.

As so many boats now want to sail in the ARC, the traditional route of the rally has now grown into three waves of boats.

A recent sailing movie release is a good opportunity, writes Anthony Hodgson, to remind all of us to take care of our mental health.

"I also was able to spend a lot of today napping and catch up a bit more of that missing sleep and with the heat I was unable to achieve much else.

A detour to avoid shoals at the northern extremity of the Great Barrier Reef slowed progress yesterday.

Having set sail from New Caledonia and Vanuatu at various times over the past couple of weeks, 43 of the participating yachts have already arrived in Australia and the remaining 29 are expected to arrive in the next 10 days.

The 11.5m Seawind catamaran had been moored between Whitsunday Sailing Club and the Port of Airlie when it sank

Across the top of Canada is a landscape and people out of this world, Cathy Hawkins continues her journey.

Finally the north-easterlies came in and Lisa was able to head in the right direction.

Lisa is off the coast of Fraser Island and intends to head outside the Great Barrier Reef to avoid traffic.

When his son buys a yacht in Maryborough, Eris Kennedy takes the opportunity to enjoy the delivery home.

Thirty years ago the 19-metre schooner set off on a month-long voyage from Fremantle with an end destination of Airlie Beach but the boat would never arrive, making it an unsolved mystery still baffling people to this day.