The local yacht club has bought a dredge but doesn't have permission to use it.

Given for the first time in 2017, CCA’s Young Voyager Award recognises “a young sailor who has made one or more exceptional voyages".

Many great inventors were derided before proving detractors wrong

The aim of ARC Channel Islands is to give cruisers the impetus and encouragement to extend their cruising horizons.

The new port, which opened mid last year at Southport, means foreign superyachts and other international vessels are able to sail directly into the Gold Coast Seaway for customs clearance.

Once Captain Hunk converted Suzy Cook to the onboard life the search began for their own dream boat.

Participants may start from anywhere, a minimum of 500 miles away, at any time, but the aim is to cross the finishing line as close as possible to 12 noon on 18 June 2018.

Thinking ahead and preparing early are the obvious first steps, Meg Watson details what they did next.

When Kiwi couple Abby Sanford and Rohan Honson-Morris took their yacht out for the first time ahead of their planned Atlantic crossing, they didn't even know how to turn on the engines.

The couple and their pet pug, Remy, escaped without injury, however everything on board ‘floated away’.

Taking the canals in northern Europe can be a wonderful experience in a yacht.

Primarily for commercial shipping now it is a must, especially in foreign waters

The skipper said he was forced to abandon ship "due to several failures, notably a broken boom, engine failure, a broken backstay, and more".

The pair - who had left the vessel and were sheltering at the base of the cliffs - were winched to safety by the helicopter crew.

It is still possible for boats to join the World ARC fleet in Australia in late August 2018 for the Indian Ocean crossing to South Africa, and onwards to the Caribbean.