You just know you have a great issue of Cruising Helmsman to read when you start with a front cover image like this.

The February issue is out and it includes a update from the venerable Jack and Jude Binder regarding one of their favourite cruising spots: Port Davey on Tasmania's west coast.

This couple continually sail around Australia and publlish DVDs and blogs to assist others to do the same. Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour may certainly be on the wild side of Tasmania, but Jack and Jude provide all the detail you need to make a safe trip for yourself to enjoy this amazing part of Australia.

Speaking of the west coast, the inimitable Seahag takes his catamaran HQ up the coast of Western Australia to join in the celebrations for the anniversary of Dirk Hartog's visit to New Holland 400 years ago.

On more serious matters we detail how one yacht owner baulked at the cost of replacing his corroded water tanks and decided to refurbish the ones he has.

This month we commission a surveyor to tell us how to prepare a yacht for to be sold and what a surveyor will be looking for.

We also take a look at different hull core materials. Each has unique properties and advantages and disadvantages and it is good to pick the hull that will suit your cruising plans.

There is more of course: Deal Island, Maldives, Ideas Locker and a fascinating look at a marine job we know very little about. Andrew Bray takes a close look at what it is like to be a Pilot in an ongoing series of peeks into working on the water. Next month we will look at volunteer marine rescue.

Until then, enjoy February Cruising Helmsman. Get it now from newsagents or subscribe here:

With a cover like that, I must buy it!

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