Now we are deep into winter and the thought of heading out over a cold windy day may make you snuggle deeper into the doona. So why not cuddle up with the latest issue of Cruising Helmsman to warm the heart and fire up the belly for summer.

A couple of useful informative articles this month: first up is a handy guide you can copy and send to your family and friends that will be joining you in a cruise. This guide informs the potential guest on what to expect, how to prepare and what the yacht owner also expects. Very useful

The second article by Chris Danger details how they went about deciding and selecting on their new yacht. It is a handy guide for anyone else looking at doing the same: picking your 'definites' from your 'possibles' and how to make compromises.

There will be a follow up story in the August issue on how the Dangers went about selling their old yacht.

But to really make you cuddle up in bed is the amazing story by Frans Huber. Sailing solo across the Atlantic he is hit with an immediate crisis that makes him consider his mortality. A great story.

Also included is a more joyous trip with Ian Tait, a young man who has regularly thrilled us with his unfettered exploits on his marine journey.

There is a lot more of course, including a test of the Beneteau 51.1, but you will have to get out of bed and get to a newsagent to find out.

Or, even better, click here and subscribe now to get it delivered to your door - bargain!

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