Cruising Helmsman and have joined with movie distributors Studio Canal to help promote mental health in sailing through the promotion of the latest movie .The Mercy'.

Read all about it in the March issue.

Many of you would already be well aware of the harrowing tale of Donald Crowhurst and his ill-fated attempt to race in the 1968 Golden Globe singlehanded non-stop circumnavigation. While the race was finally won by Robin Knox Johnston (now Sir) it is Crowhurst's tale that resonates most with the public.

To this end, taking advantage of the promotion of the movie, Cruising Helmsman commissioned a psychologist  cruising sailor to detail Donald's decline and provide tips on what to look out for in your own mental health and that of your crew as we set out over horizons. It is a useful article.

But that is not all. Another sailor who competed in the same race is also of fascination to cruisers. Bernard Moitessier famously pulled out of the race while catching up to Johnston. But the wiry Frenchman was not looking forward to the media attention and adoration that was surely to follow, despite the lure of prize money. You can read all about what he did next in the article following Crowhurst's.

Naturally that is not all that appears in the March issue: we test the Seawind 1260; continue Cathy Hawkins trip through the North West Passage (and meet another crazy Frenchman!); sail from Maryborough to Stradbroke ; restore a Tasmanian classic and buy and sell boats in SE Asia.

Plus much more.

Get your copy now and safe sailing

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