So what holiday reading do we have for you this month? Last month we looked at what to do when your toilet head gets blocked so it only makes sense to take a peek at peeing this month!

A serious subject but even more serious is our coverage of cruising in Queensland. We have blanket coverage of the fabulous east coast of that summertime cruising mecca.

On the practical side we build a suitable anchoring awning to protect your loved one, and a look at how easy it is to install a washing machine on board for your other loved one.

Keeping with the format of being a bumper issue, we include a test of the latest Bavaria C57. It is big and it is a bold move by this revamped marque. How does it fair?

Well, you will have to buy a copy to find out.

Better yet, sign up for a subscription. There are plenty of bargains at this time of year.


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