There are two main stories in this month's issue giving fantastic useful tips for when the shackles are unleashed and we can go sailing again.

Look into your letterboxes and newsagents stands this week for the next issue of Cruising Helmsman. It is designed to keep you entertained and informed for another month of isolation.

First up is the always entertaining Bruce Nicholson and Deb Bott detailing how they cruise the Malacca Straits. Often maligned as a place you want to get as far away from as you can. These two knowledgeable cruisers not only show you the places you can find to get away from the scary sea lanes; but also give you the detailed information on how to get there and safely.

Next up is a follow up by anchor expert Jonathan Neeves. His continuing exploration of how to properly anchor is given a thorough examination this month. Mostly designed to suit multihulls since Jon has a catamaran, the information here can be easily adapted to suit a monohull.

It is an interesting look that tends to turn everything you thought you knew about anchoring around. 

There is, of course, lots of other tips, tricks and entertainment in the June issue. Including the latest boat test by editor Phillip Ross of the Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 out on the empty waters of Pittwater on a glorious autumn day.

Check it out

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