Events in life can take its toll two ways: financially and mentally. This certainly rings true in sailing and both facets are covered in the July issue of Cruising Helmsman.

Thankfully, we are here to help and entertain at the same time.

First up, we have an absolute cracker of a cruising story. It goes all the way back to the early 60s but is a story that includes kidnapping, storms, infidelity and a form of exile on Norfolk Island. This is one story for the ages and some of you older readers may even remember this story that scandalised the newspapers but never knew the real and full story.

On the financial side we have another cracker of a practical story. One couple approached their desire to cruise the world from a project management point of view. Now they are sharing their results with our readers. Read all about their reasoning, thought processes and detailed various budgets that allowed them to sail away with a beginning piece of mind.

Did it work? Not entirely. But if you plan and budget properly even the variables can be accommodated and that is covered in the article as well.

This, of course,, is not all that is happening in the July issue of Cruising Helmsman. For you and your sailing, it may not even be the stories that interest you the most.

You will need to buy a copy and check it out for yourself!


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