You can reckon you are going to have a good month when Jimmy Cornell contacts you and offers a story for the magazine.

You can be certain it will be a good month for our cruising readers when the article turns out to be a comprehensive global look at the cruising life. Jimmy has contacted and surveyed the major ports all over the world's oceans and put together a snapshot of who and what is sailing where. Best of all he has then compared those numbers to his previous survey five years ago.

The article looks at where the increased traffic is heading and where it is leaving. Given all these statistics Jimmy has then looked at other useful facts: what yachts are preferred, how many crew, where are the hottest spots to visit etc.

As the instigator of the World ARC Rally, Cornell is uniquely positioned to obtain the information and process it for us to understand. It is a fascinating read along with a lot of useful information and ideas.

The second good read in the April issue is totally different. One hapless boat owner thinks he has snagged the perfect crewmember to assist him and his mate bring a yacht across the Pacific from the United States to Australia.

What he ends up with is a nightmare. So frightening this crewmate turns out to be, he can only describe him throughout the article as 'the leech'.

But that is not all. We also visit Port Stephens, SE Asia and even Morocco, yes, Morocco. A fascinating and safe place to drop anchor according to our cruiser couple.

On the practical side we detail the 13 deadliest electrical hazards - how many do you know about?

Plus one reader details how he built a hard dodger with a clever pull out integrated bimini.

Obtain your copy now:

Is it April already? I better subscribe!

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