While the October issue of Cruising Helmsman is a Food Feature, it is not full of recipes. In fact, not one!

But it is chock full of useful information regarding the safe handling, storage and cooking of food for all sorts of yachts and preferences.

It is also Western Australia month and we have two incredible articles exploring that largely uncongested coast. First up is a lengthy story discussing the range of wildlife you can encounter on the western shoreline from the well-seasoned Seahag. This is a two-parter and shows there is a lot more to see than just stunning vistas.

Speaking of stunning vistas, the other story is of an adventurous couple who are taking their trailer sailer from Wyndham to Broome. This is a four-part story beginning this month and goes in-depth into the amazing waters of the Kimberley; in all its wonders and dangers.

The practical food stories start with how to set any yacht up for successful fishing, from someone who should know. Then we discuss how to set up your boat for proper preparation, preservation, storage and cooking of food for any length of journey; written by a sailing CSIRO food scientist. This is followed with a look at the different ways you can set your galley up: cooking power, location, orientation and other useful tips from a long-term professional sailing chef.

There is plenty more: Vanuatu, Fiji and a useful boat marina in the heart of Sydney Harbour. Plus a look at a new, inexpensive outboard for your tender.

Get your copy now.

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