It is November! The weather is heating up and one's thoughts naturally turn to ... sailing!

Not only do we have some hot destinations to chase up this month but we are also concentrating on the one subject that really should be in front of everyone's mind: safety.

A ten page feature lists some of CH's favourite safety product and service suppliers listing their latest updates for you to check out and kit your yacht with ready to get out there. Not only that but we have articles on how to look at the whole idea of preventing a man overboard situation; plus a look at how the northern hemisphere hurricane (that's what they call cyclones up that way) season is panning out for the next few months; plus an insight into what insurance companies are requiring if and when you have a claimable accident.

All well worth checking out.

As for destinations, I said they were hot! You cannot get much hotter than the volcanoes of the Mediterranean and we have the pictures to prove it. Plus we take a transit through the Panama Canal and it gets a little hot when you share a lock with a ginormous tanker.

But, to cool down, we are also taking a ride on a glorious square-rigger from the frozen Russian north down to the almost just as frozen Norway.

There is of course much more but I do not want you to waste time reading about it: get out and buy it.

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See you out there, travel light.

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