• Larry Pardey on board his beloved Taleisin. Image courtesy Lin Pardey.
    Larry Pardey on board his beloved Taleisin. Image courtesy Lin Pardey.

Lin Pardey's writings of her and partner Larry's travels have delighted and informed us for many years, nay decades.

While Lin is always open and frank, rarely does she display any desire not to go sailing, until in this month's CH. After being battered by one of their worst storms Lin makes a dangerous call and nearly pays the price. As always it is written in her full and frank style and includes some important lessons for us all: vigilance and rational considerations being just two.

Lin is still sailing and travelling the world and we wish her and Larry all the best for the future.

High latitude sailing is to cruise in some spectacular scenery and we take you on a fascinating sail through some of that beautiful Nordic coastline.

To warm you up we visit the Fijian Yasawa Island group. It is opening to tourism but still includes plenty of hidden gems and native lifestyle to attract the most shy of cruising folk.

On the practical side we have a most ingenious or mad inventions you have ever seen. You choose!

Plus advice on preparing and coping with a cyclone; how to make your own sail bag and the importance of AIS. In our Letters page we have detailed reports of two dramatic rescues, exciting reading.

There is plenty more of course, but you will have to buy it to find out. Sign up now:

I want to be as happy as Larry too

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