You go to your favourite newsagent to check out the latest copy of Cruising Helmsman (or you get it delivered, you sensible subscriber you) and there it is in its usual location on the shop rack.

The masthead is instantly recognisable.

But what is this? The May issue looks the same but a little different, what is going on?

It has been ten years since Cruising Helmsman got a bit of a spruce up, but not to worry your favourite articles, tips, destinations and writers are all still there.

This month we present part two of an article that began in the April issue. Recall the story of sailing across the Pacific with a recovering ice addict going 'cold turkey'? Well, while the addict was dropped of in the Marquesas, the fallout from that hell trip continued across the ocean resulting in the sad loss of a an old friendship.

To take you to nicer locales we have two stories on the wonderful Bay of Islands in New Zealand: one from the perspective of a trailer sailer and one finding the spots to escape Auckland's weekend crowds.

On the practical side there are five stories presented to assist you making your yacht and yachting that much nicer.

Top of the list is a review of the wonderful MyState Tasmanian Wooden Boat Festival. This is an event all sailors really should see at least once. You will only need to go once to be convinced to keep coming back.

Feel free to send me any thoughts on the new layout and other ideas or story leads you may have - after all the magazine is directed by you!

Can't be bothered getting to a newsagent!

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