If you are already beginning to plan a trek north for the winter then first up is an excellent primer on a part of the Great Barrier Reef that is rarely visited yet provides fantastic swimming opportunities.

The outer islands of the Whitsunday group includes many perfect anchoring spots and Christine Danger details all the best spots.

While you are up there, maybe take the time to visit Lady Musgrave Island. One of our writers passed by 27 years ago and it has taken all this time for him to get back there and stop over.

Former CH editor Robert Keeley continues his first cruise to Tasmania with part two going down the east coast. Once again the vagaries of the southern state's weather takes him by surprise.

As January is our environmental issue in the lead up to the Hobart wooden boat festival, we have a series of articles on ways to recycle what you already have. From Petrea McCarthy's primer on how to choose a retired racing yacht and repurpose it for cruising; to Roger Hughes describing how he altered his dinghy cover to suit his aging years. As a final nod we have one environmentally-conscious cruiser describing their near dice with death when sailing with a young family.

Plus current editor Phil Ross got the prime opportunity to fly to France and test sail the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410. Do you think a trip to La Rochelle might favour his review? Or will he maintain a professional attitude?

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