Wondering what you can read and learn about in the current June issue of Cruising Helmsman?

Safety is the major practical theme for this issue and we have two fascinating stories for you. The first is about one sailor who was lucky enough to take a superyacht through the Red Sea to access the Suez Canal. Knowing they would be passing through some of the most notorious waters on the planet, the owner insisted on full security. Our writer details what it was like sailing with a four man full armed professional anti-piracy security detail.

On the more personal and more likely angle we have one nurse's description of how she treated a severe burns victim after some friend's kerosene stoveblew up in their cabin. Harrowing images to bring into stark reality the dangers of fire onboard and what you need to do to treat it.

One other safety story which is more of an education than the others is the final story of what can be found when you go beachcombing from marine biologist Dr. Mike King. As usual he includes some of his wonderful stories working in the field.

First up though we like to give you a wonderful destination and what could be better than the seldom visited Andaman Islands. Just to the west of SE Asia but actually an Indian territory, the Andamans are a breath of fresh air to this cruising couple who join in on the first organised yacht rally.

Other destinations include: the final leg of Cathy Hawkins Arctic adventure, visiting Tual in Indonesia's Kia Islands and the second part of one sailor's first crossing of the deep blue sea.

There is a lot more of course but you will have to get your own copy, either from a friend a newsagent or best yet subscribe here.

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