Anchor down with the September issue of Cruising Helmsman this month.

It may sit quietly in that big locker on the bow but taking care of your anchor and all its accessory parts, is aof major importance as to whether you can do the cruising you want to do. So this month we take a detailed look at the anchor, the chain and even the locker you keep it in.

Then we include an extensive list of anchor suppliers in Australia for you to pick and select to do more research. We have added propellor suppliers as well while we were at it. Check out the list.

If you want to give your anchor a work out why not check out our destination articles this month: sailing above the Arctic Circle can certainly test your pick! Or you can read about the confronting but idyllic Solomons or delve dreamily into the history of the Greek islands.

There is much more including the long-awaited test of the Kraken 50 in the waters around Hong Kong.

Pick up a copy from your favourite newsagent now or better yet, make sure you never miss another issue: Sign me up to receive the monthly magnificent Cruising Helmsman.



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