Yachts are complex machines, so too are yachtspeople.

You have an interesting mix of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, biological and natural all working calmly and harmoniously together. Until, that is, the s**t hits the fan.

This November issue takes a long look at a favourite subject of all yacht owners, that six letter word: safety.

We have a variety of topics covered: from hiding from hurricanes to making an emergency ladder; from packing your ditch bag, to natural navigating skills for when your instruments take a sabbatical.

There is a lengthy description on how to get into scuba diving and a long list of useful safety kit you should consider.

There is plenty more besides: including lessons learnt from the legendary Lin Pardey and we boat test the latest Sun Odyssey from Jeanneau.

And who would have thought that the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club is a decade old?

Get your copy now you can't miss it, it is the one with the swear words on the cover!

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