August comes around again and it is time to attend the Sydney International Boat Show.

This one is special for two reasons: the show is back 'in toto' at Darling Harbour and it is the 50th Sydney boat show anniversay. Quite an achievement for the Boating Industry Association.

Since the new International Convention Centre is now more than twice the size of the old show footprint, there are lots of events happening and expanded exhibitions of product. You really should make the effort to get there.

For our August issue we have included boat tests of two yachts that will be on display at the show: Hanse 315 and the Dufour 56. Both different in so many ways more than just length.

We also have a list of what we thought was interesting product and services that will be on display in either the exhibition halls or out on the pond.

But, as the winter chills slowly fade away, we thought we would add quite a few last minute projects you might like to try your hand at before ones head turns to open horizons and new adventures.

Destinations do not miss out either with a visit to some idyllic Pacific islands - or are they? Plus an insider's view on why Deal Island is a big deal.

Probably best of all, however, is our last article in this month's mag. Haven't you always wanted to answer some of those stupid questions the way they should be answered? As the intro states: there are no stupid questions but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots. Thankfully, one of our cruising contributors has put those unspoken words to paper. Enjoy.

Warm me up with a Cruising Helmsman

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