Things are a little different with the March issue of Cruising Helmsman.

Rest assured the useful articles and fantastic destinations are all still there, but something is missing. Editor Phillip Ross took some time off this month to fulfill a long held desire: to visit the biggest boat show in the world, Boot Dusseldorf.

His report of this trip will appear in the April issue but during his time away from the desk a most suitable replacement sat in the chair. Anna Ash has been a regular contributor to the magazine and she has compiled a cracker of an issue for March.

Following a report of a yacht that caught on fire at a marina it was considered that the cause was from a fault formed months prior when lightning struck the boat. John Tylor looks at the likely reasons for this to happen and how to engineer against it happening to you.

Former Bureau of Meteorology employee and long-time sailor Don Gilchrist looks at the big drivers of global weather and why you should keep up to date with how they can affect your cruising.

Following on this stormy path John Snowdon reacquaints himself, and therefore us as well, with the storm sails in his sailbag. Well worth doing the same on your boat.

Destination-wise the seas are a little calmer with heaps of reports from South East Asia; but not that much calmer with a detailed look at the Straits of Malacca from the inimitable Bruce Nicholson.

The first issue of Cruising Helmsman put together by an Assistant Editor? That's a keeper.

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