While the temperatures are currently not showing any signs of dropping, we all know that winter is coming. This means it is time to put some hours into working on our yachts to ensure the next summer season is hassle-free.

The May issue of Cruising Helmsman has a number of practical jobs and maintenance projects for you to start when the weather closes in.

First up, the esteemed Ideas Locker editor, Petrea McCarthy, has a job that we should all take note of. While deciding her boat needed a new headliner McCarthy not only went the full DIY option but she also realised the old headliner had left a nasty mould problem and that needed attention as well.

Of course, it is always worthwhile checking the Ideas Locker section for the latest tips and ideas from our readers all over the world. If you have a tip for IL then send it in and be in the running for a box of all-Aussie Madura Tea.

The next practical article takes a look at a yacht's wiring. This is another comprehensive informative piece from Bruce Nicholson. A definite keeper for future reference.

Of course our destination section does not miss out. We have stories of one lady's first foray into bluewater sailing when she signs on to a trip from Vanuatu to Sydney. Another writer tells of their story to finally realise time waits for no-one and it is their time to get out there.

If you think you are getting too old to sail, think again. Andrew Bray has a great article on how he has set his yacht up to handle his withdrawing muscle tone and capabilities.

Finally, Suzy Cook takes a humorous look at those jobs that are traditionally divided up by husband and wife teams. Why is it so?

Grab your copy now or even subscribe and never miss out: May I please have May issue?

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