It is the month of kicking back and enjoying the post-Christmas serenity ...

... when a yacht owner's thoughts turn to the next trip.

In our major article for the month we have a full explanation of the Automatic Identification System now used world-wide: different types; legalities; AIS v radar; problems encountered; and its benefits and disadvantages.

All presented in a simple to read and understand manner. The AIS is an important piece of kit and everyone needs to keep a copy of this handy.

To lighten up the mood we have plenty of fun stories as well: Seahag continues to encounter WA wildlife, or is that vice versa? Plus a simple barbecue on the back deck ... what could possibly go wrong?

We begin Cathy Hawkins' trip through the North West Passage and finish the Muir's trailer sailer odyssey down the Kimberleys.

Get your copy now.


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