After the drama of the June issue with the comprehensive report on tropical cyclone Debbie, I thought we needed to get off the beaten track a bit and reconnect with what cruising can bring.

So let us hit the islands of the Pacific.

But not just any islands. Sure you can go visit the well-known ones: New Caledonia, Vanuatu, et al. Not this month, in July we are hitting the low road. By that I mean we visit some of the low-lying atolls dotted across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

As I state in my editorial, I have always wondered how these atolls appeared, geologically I mean. A tiny outcrop sitting just a few feet above sea level rising up several kilometres like a needle in the middle of the largest expanse of water on the planet! Defies logic, but makes for a great story.

And we have four of them! As well as a comprehensive write up of why you should join the Coral Sea Rally. For a starter it is a great jump-off point for all those other islands; but, also, it is a fantastic destination on its own.

We continue our series of fine 'how-to' articles from Bruce Nicholson and this month he takes a look at anchoring. Specifically, the fine art of snuberry!

As this issue is dedicated to getting people out of their comfort zones and getting out there in the yacht, we have a few articles discussing just how you do that. From a beginner describing the process they went through to become live-aboards to a couple documenting the process they are going through at the other end and heading onshore at last.

We also have a fantastic article covering all those silly mistakes and scary times that have dogged all those that spend their days on the water. A great read with lessons to be learnt.

Having said all that it is the tiny little item on page 42 that really piqued my interest!

Check it out now

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