Everybody knows owning a yacht can be expensive.

It is, of course, relative: it is cheaper than owning a jet! But the more ways we can find to economise means the more we can get full enjoyment from our days on the water.

This month we have a few articles that may help you on that journey.

From our seven pages of dollar stretcher tips to a look back at an old classic of an outboard that is well worth you chasing down and buying if you can find it. From our helpful advice on how to conduct your own pre-survey on a potential yacht purchase to all the good gear available from the Essential Kit section.

I hope there is plenty there to get you thinking and planning.

Then, when you want to take a break, you can go cruising in Greece or visit the tippy top of Australia.

Plus plenty more in the July issue of Cruising Helmsman - out now.

Why am I spending all my time finding it in a newsagency? I may as well subscribe and save time!

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